Sunday, July 8, 2018

Papaya Nail Art

Hello Peeps!

Who likes Papayas?

Well, certainly not me lol.  I have to admit I really do not like their taste, but they are so pretty and I like the feminist symbolism in them, also,  they are a tropical fruit and it is summer so why not?

I was inspired to this design by a new place that opened recently in my hometown Guayama.  It's called Purpura and it's an acaì, smoothie and juice bar.  They painted all the walls with tropical murals and the bathrooms are identified as: women a big papaya and men a big eggplant.  It's so funny and cute I just couldn't wait to paint a papaya on my nails.

You can see a hint of the doors in the photo.

I also did one of the owners nails and she requested a peach on one hand and on the other hand the phrase "eat it" inspired on another one of the wall murals at the juice bar.

Fruity Nails!!!

I hope you guys like both of these designs and if you would like to recreate this perfect fruity look for summer you can watch my Papaya Nail Art Tutorial right here

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