Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to School already??? 

Definitely time flies! I want summer back!
Although my kids are now both on school and I have some fabulous free time on my hands and it's like the first time ever I have so many hours to myself! And you know what that means, right??
Yep, you got it! More time to paint my nails!

I have to admit I almost burst into tears when I left my lil girl!  Only 3 years old and already in Pre-k.😢
But!!! She is so happy to be on school, she didn't cry or anything like that, in fact I had to stay a few minutes longer and she came to me and asked "Mom when are you leaving?"
So that made this whole new experience much better.

For this mani I used Licorice by Essie as my base color and made the doodles with Blanc.  To finish it all and make it look like a chalkboard I applied a matte top coat (Matte About You) also by Essie

Click below to watch the full tutorial for these fun nail art!

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See you soon babes 😘