Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to do lettering on nails!

Hello guys! As you may have notice lately I'm a bit obsessed with freehand calligraphy and lettering and I love incorporating it on my nails! Today I will show you the way I do it using the simple principles of faux calligraphy.

The first thing you do to master faux calligraphy is to write the word as you want it to be.

Then the magic trick is that every down stroke should be thicker than the ones going up.

So you just make them thicker!

And voilà!

Now just do the same with nail polish or acrylic paint on your base color.

I used as my base Onix from Bettina Cosmetics http://bettinacosmetics.com and for the lettering I used Hard To Get from Sally Hansen

If you would like to see how I do it on real time just click here to watch my tutorial.

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See you soon lovelies,


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  1. Love it!! Every detail!! Tengo que intentarlo un dia! Me encanto la explicacion ;)