Monday, December 7, 2015


Hello guys! I'm super excited to share this with you, not only because Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year (yes it is!), but also because here I have 11 easy and fun designs that I'm sure you can do by yourself or if you do your nails on a Salon you can ask your manicurist to paint them for you!

Here is the complete list of the designs and the nail polishes I used in each and every one of them.

Needle Dragging Christmas Tree

-Onyx by Bettina Cosmetics
-Pastel Lime Green by NK
-Amarillo by NK
Germanium by Essie

Candy Cone Pattern

-Swan by NK
-Geranium by Essie


-Sky Is Blue by NK
-Snow Me White by Sinful Colors

Christmas Lights

-Really White by NK
-Blue Blaze by Nina Ultra Pro
-Garden Party by Sinful Colors 
-Really Red by Essie

Jelly Sandwich Gradient

-Marshmallow by Essie
-Glamour/Celebrate by Bettina Cosmetics


-Wear Skinny Jeans by Wet n' Wild
-Black On Black by Sinful Colors
-Geranium by Essie
-Hot Orange by NK
-Matte by Bettina Cosmetics


-Alexandra by Julep
-Garden Party by Sinful Colors
-True Re by NK

Christmas Tree

-Blanc by Essie
-Garden Party by NK
-NW112 by Nicka K New York
-Precious by NK

-Isla Bonita by Colorina Nail Lacquer
-NW112 by Nicka K New York
-Black On Black by Sinful Colors
-Really White by NK
-Geranium by Essie

Dotting Christmas Tree

-Cross My Heart by Sinful Colors
-First Timer by Essie
-Grin by NK
-Pastel Lime Green by NK

Christmas Ornaments

-Garden Party by Sinful Colors
-Geranium by Essie 
-Precious by NK
--Black On Black by Sinful Colors

On top of all of them I applied my go to Top Coat at the moment which is Gel Setter by Essie

I really hope you enjoy these designs and that you'll be able to recreate any of them or better yet all of them!
I want to see your recreations so please don't forget to tag me on your photos. On Instagram you can use my hashtag #lookmymaniade or if you want you can email them to me at, I promise I'll post all of the recreations I get and the end of the month.

To watch the complete tutorial click here

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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