Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Swirls, Floral & Rhinestone

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Today I bring you a simple yet eye-catching mani.  I sat down to do my nails and my mind went completely blank! I had no idea what to do! So I just started doodling on my nail and this is what it came out.  As you may see on my video, I'm just making swirls and leaves around a flower I easily painted with a dotting tool.  To glam it up I finished the flower with a rhinestone on the center and that's it!

For my ring finger I did a Moroccan pattern using Vinyl Quickies stencils, which you can get at a very low price and she always ships very fast so I totally recommend her.  

As my base color I used Key Lime Twist By Orly 

Watch my tutorial for this mani right here ↓

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