Monday, August 3, 2015

Pineapple Half Moon Nails

Through Instagram I've been so blessed to have met a special group of amazing ladies who I can now call my friends. We've been friends for a year and a half now and we talk to each other every single day! They have become a special part of my life and I love them dearly!

Every month we make a collab of different themes. This past month of July we decided on Tropical Fruits and I choose to make Pineapple Half Moon Nails.

Base color is Risky Behavior by Orly.  A gorgeous pink magenta!

If you want to see the how I made this mani click here to play the full version tutorial:

And here are me and my amazing friends and our collab for this month

You can also follow them on Instagram @simple_short_nails @cloerubi @playingwithnailpolish @nailsbymae <3 #bestiesquintupletsnails

See you next time,