Thursday, August 27, 2015

Neon Watermarble

So right now there's a storm going on and here I am blogging about watermarble lol...

For this watermarble I used the entire Limited Edition Collection of Neons from Sinful Colors for this summer 2015.  I feel like I was the last person on the planet to get my hands on this collection but finally I got them thanks to my brother and to a lovely friend from my nail crew ❤︎

Here's a sneak peek from the collection but I will show you individual swatches of each one of them on my next post so stay tuned.

From right to left they are:

- Bright To The Point
- The Bright Thing
Bright B4 Ur Eyes
- Rays Of Bright
- Vivid A Try
- neOn And On

Macro Shot!

Watch full version tutorial for this neon watermarble right here:

See you soon guys,

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